Posted: April 26, 2012 by 7dee in Uncategorized

WHEN Major Rubaramira Ruranga, who is the executive director of the National Guidance and Empowerment Network of people living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda, tested HIV positive in 1989, doctors told him he had a maximum of three years to live. Today, he is still going strong, and no longer worries about dying of AIDS.

“I have lived with HIV for nearly 26 years and I don’t think I will be killed by this thing, because I have disarmed it. I will die of age, not AIDS,” he declared during a school outreach with RAHU at Bethany High school where he was the key note speaker.

His words have inflamed hundreds of people living with HIV/AIDS  from around the world, and his involvement with RAHU as a Role Model for the young people has had a great positive impact on the students with whom he has shared his life story with. He indeed is on great man who has continued the fight against HIV/ AIDS.

He uses the model of the 3Ts i.e. Test, Treat and Teach



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