Posted: May 22, 2012 by Reach A Hand, Uganda in Uncategorized

Isaac Rucci has taken off time during his work schedule to inspire young people to achieve their best in life using their available resources during the Peer led education sessions under the Get Ur Mix out Campaign with RAHU. Issac Rucci has a charismatic methodology of reaching to the young people using his personal life experiences. and he says, “DON’T HATE BUT APPRECIATE”

Begun his career as a lead singer in several secular groups in 1986 in Kampala,Uganda and later started a faith based group “ Limit X”. As founder , Isaac grew and nurtured Limit X to an internationally renowned household name.
Isaac also put together numerous strategic productions associated to various multinational brands over a period of 17 years and in 45 countries making him one of the region’s foremost and most resourceful personalities in event conceptualization and management.

Isaac Rucci is a Founder and CEO of Fishnext Grope and Founder member Kampala City Yange.


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