In Love with Someone with Hiv

Posted: November 12, 2012 by Reach A Hand, Uganda in Uncategorized

My boyfriend moved 12 hour away from me so nice i am hoping to be with him and actually go with him to one of his Dr Appointment for the HIV. i am hoping to spend the Holiday break with him up in Kenya with him this year. we are planning on getting marry in a few years if everything works dad made my life bad because of me wanting to be with my boyfriend but I can’t let him bring me down.HIV is not black or white it does not cure if you have kids or want kids. It doesn’t cure if your gay or not. It just wants a home to why would i leave something i cant even see with my eyes without help of science. Keep me from being with the love of my life. I will be with Michael with or without the HIV. I love him & I want to do whatever it take to keep me from getting it but also keep him here with me forever.

  1. skye says:

    i have a boyfriend but he is negative i love him so much but he is paronoid he always thinks i am cheating on him but he is risking his life for me an i would never hurt him like that but he trust no one i need some advice its becoming overbearing

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