Young girl in Uganda

Posted: November 12, 2012 by Reach A Hand, Uganda in Uncategorized

I am a 14 year old Girl living in Wabigalo, a suburb of Kampala Uganda. My mother used to work in a local bar and she would sexually be used by men in this bar for money, I was born at home and not in the Hospital my mother died due to lack of medical care and financial support without showing me who my father was but l’m in good hands of my grandmother. I rest although I am always sickly. A local organization here held a seminar for the community teaching about HIV/Aids and they also encouraged people to come to voluntary counselling and testing (VCT). I went and tested only to discover that I am HIV+ .I am now on Herbal care medicine as a measure to boosted my Immunity since we have a lot of herbs in Uganda i.e. Moringa, Alovera etc and my Grandmother cannot afford expensive ARVs. I am determined to survive as I am in Church with God on my side I will win.



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