About Us

Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) is a youth led non-profit organization focused on youth empowerment programs with an emphasis on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. We also fundamentally focus on changing social norms and values that limit access to SRHR services and information through designing effective communication strategies and campaigns to create awareness and mitigate sexual health risks among the young people today.

We consist of a dynamic, passionate and committed young team, who believe in the power, potential and future of young people. RAHU’s strength further lies in the elaborate network of partners that are inclusive of media houses, celebrities and key players in the field of SRHR as well as volunteers.

Vision: “For young people to make informed choices in life”

Mission: “To empower young people in Uganda with complete information, skills and tools which enable them live healthy, focused and productive lives”.

Our core values include;

  • Belief in young people; we recognize that young people’s concerns can only be well addressed by young people and hence our slogan “Young People for Young People.”
  • Youth driven; we work with young people for young people, and bring in the spirit of volunteerism of young people.
  • Transparency and openness; we believe in a culture of honesty and therefore employ an open door policy where all staff and volunteers can freely communicate with each other.
  • Appreciation of diversity; we appreciate the difference in the social, cultural and political orientation, of our beneficiaries and endlessly work to promote understanding while recognizing the existent differences in its membership and beneficiaries. RAHU recognizes the universal nature and cross-cultural appreciation of human beings and their rights.
  • Team work; we believe team effort achieves much more than an individual’s work and therefore promote team work, utilizing each person’s competences to achieve the overall organizational goals and objectives.

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