A campaign targeting young people between the ages of 10 and 24 that focuses on empowerment, sexuality and financial discipline to enable them to make informed life choices The Campaign shall be driven by a concept of the 3Ts that shall help young people elaborately and how to deal with HIV/AIDS and understanding their sexuality as they grow. This campaign will start February 2012 and will run for two quarters up to august 2012 and over 40 schools are expected to be covered.

The 3Ts are defined as follows;
1. Teach; here information shall be disseminated to the young people regarding
various life challenges they do face i.e. Decision making, career development,
understanding their sexuality, HIV/AIDS and its effects, drug abuse and dependence.
2. Test; implement the informed choices one has made in life, take on good career
opportunities and carrying out Health Counseling and Testing (HCT)
3. Treat; make the right decisions in life and stay safe, treat AIDS and all other STI’s

  1. Aseera Darlison says:

    thanks alot 4 da good work dat u’ve invested in the youth,anyway i’m a young inspirational youth,if you don’t mind i can give you a hand

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